MRG Buyers Guide 2020 - Disinfection Solutions Edition

The Mobile Robot Guide
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We've done all of the market research to collect product data on all of the viable autonomous disinfection solutions on the market. This guide will save you weeks of market research in your purchasing process.

The Mobile Robot Guide Buyers Guide covers all of the autonomous disinfection solutions on the market. This guide is for facility managers and business owners who are considering the investment into automation to keep their facility disinfected during the coronavirus pandemic and in the future. In the guide, you'll learn about the latest disinfection technology along with best practices and how to purchase a mobile robot based solution.

This version of the guide covers UV light disinfection based solutions along with biocide sprayers and air filtering options.

The guide includes complete product data for over 25+ solutions. Readers will be armed with the information necessary to complete the purchasing process and be assured that they are buying a reliable solution. The guide includes our selection of recommended products and technology innovators which will quickly help you narrow your options and find the right solution for your specific needs.

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With your purchase, you will get an electronic PDF of the buyers guide along with a spreadsheet based ROI calculator.

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PDF (90 pages)
ROI Calculator
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Autonomous UVC Disinfection Solutions
Autonomous Biocide Spraying Solutions
Other Autonomous Solutions
Manual UVC Disinfection Solutions
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